Getting your foot in the door of performing in Dublin’s various nights of music, spoken word and poetry can be mildly daunting. Going to the events themselves is definitely a start, and most of the performers/organisers are usually very willing to pass on advice, but there are a select few nights that make it their business to encourage new performers, and by far the nicest is Milk & Cookies.

Milk & Cookies is a night of open-mic storytelling that runs on the second Tuesday of every month in various locations around the city. The entire night is designed to be welcoming – it’s free in, the venue is liberally strewn with duvets, blankets, cushions and enough fairy lights to illuminate a moderately-sized elven workshop. Free tea, coffee and various baked goods are also supplied – indeed, a crucial part of the proceeding is the M & C Bake-off. Guests are encouraged – it’s not mandatory – to bring confections of their own creation, and you can sign up your produce to go head-to-head with others, with a box of chocolates and certificate up for grabs.

It’s also a non-drinking, child-friendly (at least pre-watershed) environment, and occasionally the whole event will be aimed towards kids, which makes for a nice change from the usual, although there was an incident where one storyteller launched into a story about how they discovered Santa wasn’t real, failing to notice the three six-year olds sitting in front of them. Do a quick sweep of the room if you’re planning to orate something more X-rated.

M & C are very keen to bring in new storytellers – you get between seven and ten minutes, and the crowd are the nicest and most supportive I’ve ever experienced in Dublin, so I’d thoroughly recommend signing up at least once. They try and encourage storytelling, as opposed to a comedic set or poetry, so keep that in mind, but after that the definition gets pretty loose so almost any subject is up for grabs. The nights are themed, if you need inspiration, but these are usually guidelines only.

Milk & Cookies has been running for over four years now, making it one of the more established nights in Dublin, and they have an eclectic mix of featured acts on rotation. They’ve also branched into a summer festival and the occasional ‘After Dark’ event with musical acts where alcohol is permitted and the stories get a tad more loquacious.

As the event moves around, I’d recommend liking their Facebook page here and giving it a shot. Storytelling and sugar buzz – what’s not to like?

M&C runs on the second Tuesday of each month in various locales – doors at 6.30, show at 7

Dave Rudden


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